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Other Ways to Order


If you have trouble ordering from this website you can

try to order from our other website which uses a different

shopping cart system and different credit card processor,

it is hosted by Shopify.com.



Zeolite For Health

848 N Rainbow Blvd #1856

Las Vegas NV 89107 USA

Please order via our web site when possible.

Mailorders:  We accept moneyorders from USA buyers, we accept credit card mailorders from USA, Canadian & Oversease Buyers as well. Print or type name, address, telephone, email address, products desired, quantities, prices, credit card number, expire date and mail to the address above.

Please email any questions to:  info@zeolite-for-health.com

No Medical Questions please.

Telephone:  1-732-860-4260  Open 7 days  (7am - 5pm pacific time,  10am - 8pm eastern time)